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Non Surgical Face Lifts with Silhouette Instalift

A minimally-invasive technique to lift sagging facial skin

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Lift Your Face Without Surgery or Downtime

For patients who want many of the benefits of a facelift without surgery, we are excited to announce that we offer Silhouette InstaLiftTM - the latest facial rejuvenation procedure.

Sagging skin is one of the major contributors to an aged and tired appearance. Silhouette InstaLift is a simple, in-office procedure to re-contour your face by lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful, natural-looking appearance.

During a short in-office procedure, Dr. Harp will insert the patented Silhouette InstaLift threads and cones to lift the deeper layers of the skin in your mid-face or cheek area. The treatment does not require general anesthesia, and typically takes 45 minutes. You will see results right away and recovery time is minimal - patients report about 5 days of minimal swelling and bruising.

The unique Silhouette InstaLift threads and cones are infused with the same material found in our fillers which is naturally absorbed by your body over two months. As the sutures are absorbed, they have the added effect of stimulating collagen production to aid in healthy skin renewal for natural-looking, results and improved volume. Results last over two years!

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