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Microdermabrasian Gently Exfoliates Your Face

Whether for a night on the town or a job interview, our Skincare Specialist will bring out your best. Some people call it pampering. We call it giving yourself the gift of beauty.

Call today! (818) 889-APEX

Exfoliate for a Smoother You

Finish off your facial with our gentle exfoliating treatments.

uses a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin to remove the thicker, uneven outer layer. This process works on all skin types, causing no skin color change or scarring and can be done without anesthesia and no downtime.

Dermaplaning (also called blading) gently scrapes off the outer most layers of dead skin cells, leaving your skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Ideal for deep or raised scars, wrinkles, crow's feet, splotchy pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, pre-cancerous lesions and tattoos on the skin.

Either procedure can be added to your beauty regimen. Call now for pricing (818) 889-2739.
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Skincare Specialist Lani Keene

Lani Keene has worked alongside doctors for the past seventeen years. She has been trained in both medical and holistic skin care and received advanced training at the Dermal Institute for Acne and Chemical peeling.

Lani takes great pride in her patients' improvement and maintenance. She achieves great results with a gentle hand and wonderful personality.
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